⚠ InterAction studios website is moving


Date: 13/14/15 March 2019

We have begun the process of moving the InterAction studios website to another server. The whole process should take around 72 hours.

By and large, this move will not affect CIU game servers or this forum, but the download links to the Early Access installers might temporarily stop working. If this happens, try again in a few hours.




What’s the problem? You already installed this version, next will be released near Saturday evening.


Yeah. This is it. Tomorrow, Get Ready.


Tomorrow is Thursday. I don’t get what you trying to say.




Done ?


They can done it Saturday.


So what? I dont understand what is the point of this thing. Maybe i am dumb.


You are, but that’s a different matter. :grin:

I think he juſt wanted to let us know ſo the forum wouldn’t be filled with complaints about their webſite beïng down.




True, but he did walk right into that one.


I said it because IA didnt specifed why they change the website to another server.


Simple reasons: more stable, cheaper or more profitable.



Is this going to redesign the whole website, or is this just a technical change?

Asking just for curiosity.


Servers are servers. Nothing on site will change.


Oh, okay. Thanks for letting me know.


Nothing happens :frowning:


So it done yet ?