Interaction Studios PC specs

Hello @InterAction_studios
I wonder If you could tell me the specs of your pc please

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i’m impressed you can develop ciu with these specs, that’s really impressive optimization


That’s more likely an incentive to keep CI running on low spec hardware, instead of the current trend of requiring a 2070 to have RTX Chickens.
BTW: velociraptor drives have nothing to envy to any current HHD drive anyways, aren’t those 10500 RPM?


Yes, but even at 10K RPM they are quite slow compared to any SSD drive. It doesn’t matter, though, because during development everything gets cached into RAM eventually.

The main reason I still have it is because it’s much more reliable than any SSD (at least it was, a few years ago). I’ve had SSDs die on me while I was working and all contents were lost forever.

But it’s definitely getting replaced by an SSD during the next upgrade.


The maniac on me would still leave it plugged in for back-up purposes tho.

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