InterAction Studio Epic boss (need more artwork)

This is my art of this IA boss

This boss appear when you finish all the missons (not Weekly/Daily/Race missons) in the game or join an in-game events (you will get a challenge message about it)
This boss will turn the starfield to black. The spacecraft will always head towards the boss
This boss can shoot fire balls, make power shield …etc. Some time the chickens will appear and the boss will kill them. When process bar is 100% the boss will disappear and the starfield is back, it will drop 4-5 keys.
[The best artwork will appear on the top]
Send artworks about it in the replys!


This probalby a meme

Wow,4-5 keys for killing a boss that’s supposed to appear after you’ve beaten every single possible mission! Amazing.
Not that anyone would even get that far.


This boss’s health is so much

Why,though? The game isn’t supposed to have an end,the keys you get from this are equal to what you’d get from a single boss in a boss rush mission and the attacks aren’t explained properly.


Ok, then the attacks are Fireballs, Power Shield, Spinny Fireballs, Acid rain (came from side up then down), Lightning.

Admiral of The United Heroes Force I.A. : Dirty cheater, how dare you roaming around. You are a shame of the UHF
Then I.A. starts attacking, as crazy as UCO in Version 10


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