Instant Teleportation

Already visited a galaxy? With instant teleportation, you can go back to what galaxy you have visited before so you don’t have to fly all the way back and forth between galaxies. And the best part, with no extra fuel cost.
Cost: 1,500




I know, but they can be rare to find sometimes.

I didn’t know you can travel between galaxies in CIU
Only have seen hero travel through wormholes to another galaxy in CI4

I found them all

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would make wormholes useless


even if this get added i would still prefer wormholes because wormholes don’t need keys to activate, just some fuel to travel there

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There’s only 1 galaxy in the game, learn that at long last!


Perhap maybe it will be usefull, if the time for warp (traveling) to other constelation is increase longger (of course no one will going to like it.)

Yet another idea I thought was good… I need to think of something fresh.

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