Informations on ships and droids?

Okay. So I am playing with the idea to buy a new ship. And I have a ton of questions about that.
So we have three different manufacturers.
We have the BX bombers, the H&C… Standard ships and the fast Müller ones.
So I know that the H&C 101 has the key bonus. I am wondering. What do the other two offer? Why would I want to buy one of them? I mean the 201 and the 301.
I know they have slightly higher hardpoints and satellites. But they miss the key feature? I heard they also have it. This true?
Well, the Bombers. Seem to be the damage dealers. I heard they are supposed to have double guns on one of them, basically doubling any weapon you have. Is that true? What do the other offer?
And Müller… They seem to be… fast. But besides that, do they offer anything? What is their quirk.
Also it seems that every single ship has a different special feature. Some are understandable, but some have like… an airtight horn… Why? What does it do?
So basically I wanna know what all the ship “features” mean.

And the small one. So I’ve found a star system where droid can be attacked for food. I assume that is the hinted Droid Raid.
I wanna know. Is this a permanent thing on that star system, or does the raid disappear after a while and appears randomly on some other star system?

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For the ships, I suggest reading this:

As for the droids, well, I don’t know. i’ll leave it to someone else to explain.


It just orbits around, but if it’s far away from the star system, then you can’t access missions, soooo, you will have to wait until it gets closer to the star system.



So if I want to buy a Bomber. Which one do I buy?
I do not care about satelliter that much. item slots can be bought.
I do not care about hardpoints at all.
What are the differences of all the bombers outside of the satellite/itemslot/hardpoints?

You can buy BX-7 or BX-8.

Their speed and hitbox. The cheapest bomber (BX-6) is the fastest and has smaller hitbox.

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Okay. So their hitbox and speed is the only difference outside of slots. The firepower is doubled compared to the other two classes on all ships?

Well, the expensive bomber (BX-9) has the highest firepower compared to the other bombers.


How does it differ compared to the others? More damage? More projectiles?


Some weapons will have more damage and some will have more projectiles
Example i have a fully upgraded lightning fryer with BX-8
fires 2 volleys at 8 FP when it reaches 12 FP maybe it was 11 fp it shots 4 bolts each bolt does 575 damage + chaining and at 20 FP each bolt did 775 damage + chaining
I did the example to show how powerful is the weapons with bomber

I’ll explain the way firepower works on bombers in some more detail:
For reference, fighters stop progressing on :zap:10 and reach max power on :zap:20 (so 10 levels after that).
Each bomber has a different range of firepower. The BX-6 stops progressing on :zap:14, and each next bomber has a power limit 2 higher than the previous one (so the BX-9 stops on :zap:20). They also reach max power 10 levels after the progressions stops (so :zap:24 for the BX-6 and :zap:30 for the BX-9).

The exact way bombers work is as follows: they divide the :zap: level into two pylons - the left one and the right one. On :zap:0, both pylons are on :zap:0. With each level, the power of one of these pylons is increased by 1, and on max power both pylons have their power increased by 1.
So for example, the BX-6 has two :zap:7 pylons on :zap:14, and two :zap:8 pylons on :zap:24.


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