Info. Yolk-Star

I never found The Yolk-Star ™ with other enemy what dont be ufos, but I looked what someone users found Chickenauts, slobs, etc. But thats in previous versión, now only eggships and slobs appear in the yolk-star, but the chickenaut never, its possible add him in missions Élite?


The slobs and eggships are enough, why the chickenauts?

Farm points :slight_smile:
More Hard?

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Mhm. I don’t really think getting the Chickenaut back is great, and I don’t even see the Egg-Ship/Armored Chicken at all as a terminator in the Yolk-Star™ fight.


The slobs and eggships has more health than the chickenauts

They still should spawn

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i never looked any chickenauts in the yolk star

And where, i Explored 50.00 of galaxy (47:86) and i never seen chickenauts


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I met a Yolk-Star with: Chickenauts(Boss Rush), Armored Chickens(Boss Rush), Slob(Key Rush)

What is Slob?


That cute but deadly and fat baby chicken

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I don’t think it’s a baby…

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They grow so Fast… ok need stop

OHHHHHHHHH! Sorry, Its name looks a little weird.

Okay, let me make a poll to see:
Should The Yolk-Star be buffed?

  • Nah, it’s perfect
  • It needs a health buff
  • It needs an attack buff. Ex: More lasers, etc
  • It needs more terminator waves/enemies

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I’d actually be keen on seeing the max laser cap backed to 5 but way more aggressive Terminator deployments to compromise, for no reason other than it’s starting to get like this:


Could work as a separate variant, or just make the Yolk-Star shoot lasers more often.