Infinite(*) Extra Life item

CIU is amazing, as a CI game. However, its gane loopmissions for keys has some flaws. Namely: Skill issues.
Not a joke, but some potential players I know quit the game because they were stuck havong skill issues and ALWAYS buying Extra Lifes.

Extra lifes are the most used item (fact check not needed), giving you a second/third/fourth/etc… chance in the current mission. But some players can’t dodge well, and mistakes costs you a mission loss / extra lives.

Just a simple solution is having a non-stackable (/stackable up to x), non-perishable extra life. With this, its useful for everyone. If this is too good, you can have it be exclusive with normal Extra life (nornal extra life or infinite* lives), induce a minor score/food/key-rate penalty, make your hitbox bigger or just give it a bigger cost.

In terms of item behaviour, this could work like a HUD item (non stackable, no perishable), so I don’t see how this is a big task.

or just make all H&C x01 have passive extra lives.

Is having a non-perishable Extra life good?
  • Absolutely (*****)
  • A Good Idea (****)
  • Indifferent (***)
  • A Bad Idea (**)
  • Absolutely Not (*)
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Good luck and I hope everyone has a functional pattern recognition system.

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Potentially a good idea but here’s my idea: You buy inf lives but deduct 4-5 total keys you collected everytime you lose a life

I suggest a better idea. Make “Toddler” difficulty, which has unlimited life option and decrease the difficulty by -30%. Then literally everyone can clear the all kind of mission…

Or “Chicken Spy” difficulty. In this difficulty, the difficulty rate doesn’t change and chickens just don’t attack you.
You cannot gain foods and keys in this difficulty and your score cannot be submitted.
It’s like a kind of practice mode, I think.


So the only ever way to lose life is to slam yourself into those chickens? That is so bruh.

Yep, I know this is a bit ridiculous idea. Maybe this difficulty is for super-noob or super-pro, to learn the phase of each chicken waves. Besides, I think it is not good idea tbh.

The game is really easy and doesn’t need for inf lives, Also junior players can use “tourist” difficulty so they can play the game too easy at first and getting keys isn’t hard also buying hearts isn’t expensive, I see that a good balance, the game doesn’t need inf lives


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