Incentivizing Exploration in CIU Part 3-Gus' Gas and Ship repairs

Yet another mechanic to encourage people to actually explore the huge galaxy that has been generated for them…its amazing how I can get so many ideas in such a short space of time.

Well,you know,in CIU,you put your spaceship through quite a lot of hard work,and somehow it doesn’t show a scratch,and,well,I’m here to change that.

First,though,I’d like to introduce you to a part of the ship:the Hull.

The hull of the ship is the main body of the ship,and it get damaged every time you lose a life.The hull is split into three parts:Weapon Nozzle,Fuselage,and Tail Wing.Store bought hulls can modify the hitbox of the ship,increase its strength, or be less liable to take damage when a life is lost.

(Note:For the sake of simplicity,In H&C and Müller ships,the front weapon pods are counted as part of the Fuselage,while the back Weapon pods are counted as part of the Tail Wing,while they are counted as their own unit in BX-9 ships.)

Now,we will be taking th H&C 101 as an example ship.The front weapon nozzle has 50 damage points,the Fuselage has 150 damage points,and the tail wing has 100 damage points.,which makes 300 damage points for the ship in total.

Now,when you die from an egg,it reduces 2 damage points from the weapon nozzle if it hits the top part of the ship,2 points from the fuselage if it hits the middle part of the ship,and from the tail wing if it somehow hits the bottom.

Each different chicken projectile has a different damage value,and slamming directly into an enemy causes a lot more damage.

What happens when a part of your ship takes damage?
Well,the projectiles of the weapons that comes from whichever part has suffered damage will either cause less damage, cause irregular overheating,or slightly change direction of the projectile.The paint there also get scratched slightly.

Apart from that, if you get a hit to the fuselage,the reactor and the heat sink will get it’s stats lowered a bit,and if it’s the tail ,the engine would be less efficient.

So,if you want to get it fixed,where do you go?

That’s where Gus’ Gas comes in.

Admittedly,this store would be the most important shop if my exploration fixes are implemented,but since the Galactic Store exists,it’s next to useless,with only three items in total on the shelf.

It will be a place to repair your ship for a small amount of keys,not being much,even the most grievously damaged ships would only come at ~40 keys to repair fully.It will cost 5 keys extra to repair the paint scratches mentioned earlier,though one might want to keep them to give their ship a ragged,rundown look.

Also,it will be a place for people to choose whether their ship will have a metallic,glossy or shiny finish for the paints.

Oh yeah,and the UI of the shop will show the blueprint of the ship with various parts of the ship from the colors blue(functioning well),green(mildly damaged),yellow(damaged quite a bit),orange(damaged a lot),and red(critically damaged).

What do you think?

  • Is good
  • Is bad(specify what the problem is below)
  • Don’t care
  • Conflicted opinion

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I like the idea at it’s core, because it actually penalizes you for losing lives (while currently they’re pretty disposable and that’s not really how lives should be lol)

Obviously I think the specific numbers and mechanics you’ve mentioned would probably need tweaking once implemented, just because balance is typically like that - I can sometimes be reluctant to support an idea (even one I really like) when it’s super specific - I often like the core concept but am not sold on the minutia, and that’s true here.

I feel like damaging the weapon pods is a bit unnecessary - it will make combat too unpredictable, and your firepower already takes a hit from losing a life, so additionally weakening the weapons seems a bit brutal.

I’m on board for lowering heat sink/engine stats as long as that damage is applied to the ship and not the mountable component itself. Repairing my ship should be all I need to do to repair my ship, and if I have to buy repairs on the individual bits I’ll feel like I’m playing Mechanic Simulator or something. :joy:

Paint scratches have my support only if there is some mountable to disable them (I don’t care if it’s unreasonably expensive). I like the idea but… maybe I’m just too attached to my fleet, aha

I’d also be open to seeing this maybe at another store that’s appropriate - Gus’ Gas feels very much like it’s just a fuel station (although I think it would be cool if they occasionally stocked a completely random item or two because regional gas stations are like that)

tl;dr: I’m interested in the idea of a ship repair mechanic, but perhaps not the exact same one being described here. :wink:


It takes five keys to remove paint scratches.

And btw the minutia is simply to illustrate how the idea can be implemented,not how it should be implemented.


Yeah, but you need to be somewhere specific to do it - if you’re not currently moving then you’re stuck with them.
(I don’t think it would make much difference though - at high tier we’re talking about fly there, fix, fly straight back - so I don’t know if this actually solves the movement issue anyway…)


Eh.Ideas never get implemented along with all the details,anyway.

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