Inappropriate name report

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For context Susu in Hindi means pee

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It’s best to report it to IA privately. Trust me.

Also, some, including IA, agree that ‘‘pee’’ isn’t inappropriate.

It sounds rude to me.

Borderline, but warned&reset.

In the future, you can use the “Report player” button (in the galaxy’s “hamburger” menu) to report inappropriate callsigns.


I’m confused.

Susu actually means Milk in Malay, though
Horlicks is a type of malt drink (not beer)

From the name HorlicksSusu, that player is just naming themselves after a beverage.

Susu meaning “Pee” in Hindi was most probably a coincidence. I don’t think the name had any intent of being inappropriate at all.


Btw I love horlicks

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oh i know that guy WONDERFUL!

horlicksSusu means pee on milk powder (horlicks is a milk powder)

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