Inappropriate callsign name

this callsign means dick
I hope IA will warn this player


I met a player with a similar callsign like this. He got his callsign removed and warned


How can we be sure that he/she meant this instead of something else?

The same word can have different meaning in other languages.


It’s Vietnamese

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the only thing i know

Speaking of which, is there any particular reason CIU seems to have such a presence in Vietnam? When I was getting my 100% exploration there was a disproportionately high ratio of players with “VietNam” at the end of their usernames - does Chicken Invaders have some sort of heightened popularity there that I didn’t know about?


Thanks, callsign has been reset.

@Kylo-Hen: It’s a mystery. It’s insanely popular. There’s even an industry of bootleg clones. On the other hand, yearly revenue coming from Vietnam: approximately $0.


Wait, for real?

This is both encouraging and discouraging simultaneously, lol.

At least it’s proof that the series really does have what it takes to, under at least some circumstances, gain serious traction.

There’s a lot of them on the app store and some of them look very good


TBH endless mode is a pretty cool idea for the next main title.

That spaceship though… ew.
And I don’t want to talk about the GUI

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this is a chikcen


No, it’s a chocken

Its funny how they ripped out the CI logo.


Bootleg clones is mainly from Vietnam. Consider people don’t have money to play the original series (due to currency convertion from US dollars or Euros to VND, in which 1US$ or 1 Euro can exchange to ~23,000 VND and ~26,000 VND, respectively) and the base salary here at LEAST 4 million VND or 170.61 US$/155.40 Euros. If there are hacking in some of the most popular games like PUBG or Free Fire, I reckon Vietnamese had done it. Trust me, I KNOW!

Dude, that’s really rude to say that. Anyone can hack these game if they know how to do it

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It’s còn các

Off topic…

No, we ARE talking about the meaning of concac

No, we’re talking about the inappropriate callsign

I know
I just wanted to help.