In waves, by obtaining 10 coins, transform in 1 Key?

Currently the coins you get by destroying bosses and some other small enemies only add points. What if every certain amount of coins transform in keys?


Already suggested times by the community. I couldn’t track because of there’s too many.

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This…is what I wanted. A coin feature but they’ll never come :frowning:


i guess you like being rich , if this was added into the game it would be a key collecting simulator
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I actually like this idea. But I believe this is something suggested before as well. Coins should actually be like collecting keys.

A month ago I showed my friend this game and he asked me why the coins weren’t being used as currency instead of keys. I told him its because the CI series has always used keys as currency in their games. I guess that made him lose interest in the game

I think this goes to show that many new players might be disappointed about keys being used as currency.

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Would someone really quit the game because the currency is a key icon and not a coin?

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I believe it’s more the lack of depth to the economy than the symbol. I think the problem is that the person discovered that coins don’t really affect gameplay and that kind of took the appeal from collecting them.

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I mean, I get that, but it’s still a very minor aspect to quit the game on.

I do agree that the coins could do with more gameplay impact, or less confusion. Even if the tutorial just explained “coins just give you points, that’s their purpose” I’d be ok.
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I honestly think that this review outlines the real reason people are quitting the game: lack of explanation. There’s no indication of what’s important, and what isn’t, and it severely lacks in depth. Coins might just have been the symptom of a larger problem, though only @Chimmo can explain why their friend quit the game.


Coins since CI4 vary in sizes, which could make a problem for @InterAction_studios to implement such an idea.

Each size of the individual coin could cover predefined percentage/counter (just like in case of food transforming into rocket/mine in mainline games), but that would make keys too easy to obtain…

He was invested into the game at first because he thought getting coins were so easy while getting keys was a whole another story. Just imagine the coin drops from Egg Cyclone. He thought he would get all those coins, but I had to explain to him that keys are the currency in the game. I didn’t explain to him that you get awarded more keys at the end of each mission. My bad :frowning:. The next time I meet him I’ll tell him that


It’d be more varied if coins were their own currency, rather than just being turned into keys. The way I see it; perishables and other one-time use items could cost coins, with keys being used for more permanent upgrades. But of course there’s very little chance we’d see a changes to the MMO part of the game at all, let alone changes in the scope of a new currency, except for buffing key costs to the ceiling to make them even more ridiculous than they were before.


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