In-game clock

It would be great to see what time is it without minimizing game window if your engine supports computer time check. This function is realy helpful when you must go out and have a little time to play.


It’d alſo be really nice to have an in-game indication (maybe up by the point counter and temperature gauge?) of what wave you’re on out of how many. I often forget immediätely after reading the wave title.


I agree with you, it would be nice to have that in-game.

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Apparently you alſo don’t know how to uſe the “like” button.

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I liked your post as soon as I’ve seen it. I hope it isn’t offensive to you that I’m stating my opinion? I am indeed sorry if my post harmed you in any way, but I am the sort of person that will always state it’s opinion, unless is offensive to certain people. I am not in a hurry anywhere so to show you that I agree with your post I have to like it, I have a load of free time I can use. Once again, I am sorry if my post offended you in any way.

No, it didn’t offend at all, except that it irritates me mildly to ſee a bunch of people comment “I like this poſt” unneceſſarily. Sorry, I was a bit bruſque. Pleaſe forgive me.

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Not a problem! I’ve learned my lesson too :hugs: