[Improve your weapon experience and skills]

Hmm… Where I have already seen !?

Chicken Invaders 4 / Ultimate Omelette !

What idea ?
Menu with progress:

1)Special missions for upgrade:
2)Upgrade skills without special missions, you just need to play with this weapon


Good idea :ok_hand:

Sorry if it’s a dumb question, but how it would improve accuracy? Wouldn’t it be better if it increases like damage or speed, both? The problem with accuracy most of all is autolock weapons, what, do you extend the lock range?
Still, cool concept. Wish this was implemented with more things, not just weapons.
Also I need to congratulate you for the art. It seems straight out of the game!
Sorry if i didn’t ask, but how did you made them?

That’s…not accuracy…accuracy applies to stuff like corn shotgun,riddler and vulcan when it’s closer to overheat.

Ok, my bad, but still it would be useful to only these weapons, the way you describe it.

Yeah,I really don’t think it’s that useful overall. The only useful part about this idea is the overheat

But if you increase damage, like I suggested the game may become too easy, it has to be carefully balanced

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