Impossible without Additional Lifes and Superweapon

Amen, I guess?

Вызов принят

Write posts in English. Others can’t participate if they can’t understand what you wrote.

And no, SSH should not make some missions impossible, but I agree that very hard missions with SSH should be made easier is not a great thing.

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Hey, did you read FAQ?
Only English

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Too sad there is no other language forum versions. And thanks to you, I found a bug: When windows 10 shows notification(bottom right corner), game starts to work with 10 FPS for some reason.
P.S. I think F.A.Q should be pinned. Last time I checked it in August.

Whole intention of writing on this forum is to make it understandable to all on forum so we all can comment and upvote ideas, bugs and everything other. You can always join someone writing in ancient forgotten english to piss other people off, but I don’t recommend it.

Alright no need to insult a language dude

Well, if I need to make some info understandable for all, I obiviously will write it in English. This one was a dialogue with @RoboCat and there was no important info for everyone :slight_smile:

Still feels eh

At which point you probably should just start a DM tbh.


Write POSTS in English
But message you can write in different languages

Yeah, but you were posting not messaging. You can use private messages or DMs.

Ic þé scýe! :grin:

I wasted a whole 3-stock missile on this single wave. Maybe they could nerf the eggspawn duration on this wave?
Also, I doubt where I encountered it (in the daily challenge or a mission), but so far I was bound to rookie. So this wave could appear on rookie too.

Use utensil, attack on chickens before they come. When you break somewhere go down and wait gatlings attack. Later that, fly slowly where you break, so you will escaped from gatling guns. Careful for these lasers etc. Than keep doing that againly. You need to be really good at dodging and reflex.

If they were needed then it waſn’t a waſte.


I encountered the wave again in the new weekly challenge. Managed to escape to the side, but crashed to the wandering bomb/detonator :rofl: but managed to win
And again on rookie, so it’s obvious that encountering certain waves doesn’t depend to the skill.

UPDATE: Now I encountered the exact pattern on the pic above, and lost all of my lives.
THIS IS IT. Chicken Roulette + Gatling Chicks = Impossible.


Glad you made it. Kinda…