Imperishable Night - Darkness, is now blindness

"Greetings, recruit!

The UHF is hereby announcing the Imperishable Night challenge. Another challenge as difficult as Ironman Competition, this challenge will test how you react to limited vision.

It is recommended to fly carefully slow here, not because you’ll die in a ship accident…or maybe it is and when we say “Limited vision” because we actually meant it: there will be no vision expands if there’s anything flashy. However, enemy projectiles were slowed down by a lot, giving you time to think and dodge. Still, it is deadly because this is not your ordinary darkness mission but more…of a video game.

NOTE: Due to the limitations of the UHF, we only accept recruits tier 30 or higher"

It is recommended to replace Imperishable Night with something better in order to prevent it from becoming a knock-off/copyright target or just keep it for reference.

Imperishable Night is a competitive mission that takes place every Saturday. This is like the darkness missions but with twists.

Imperishable Night mission type name is Nyctalopia (night blindness) (I used to call it Complete Darkness but it looks unoriginal, double reference). Is a 6x10 wave, 100% - 100% difficulty, locked on Veteran. These are the twists:

  • Enemy projectiles speed decreased by 40%
  • Player vision is even more limited (Nyctalopia limit = 70% of darkness limit)
  • Vision will not expand in any circumstances.

It looks hard…indeed hard (not for Francis) so the factor also great:

  • Mission factor +100%
  • Key base multiplier +420%

Rewards & Medal

Rewards here are also must be…worth the effort so the prize is ranged from 70 - 700 keys and the first place will receive:

Players will be rewarded each Saturday and the cycle continues.

Heh, went all out on this one. If you guys don’t know what is Imperishable Night, search it.


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