I'm sorry for pinging,pirating games and tagging

Hello there Can you accept that I didn’t pirate any game and ping anyone

Yes, I accept it, I would just say that topic needs help to pirate CI5 is an unsuccessful attempt

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Pirating is very bad


Almost everyone pirated Minecraft

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I didn’t.

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FactX2: most of us who did ended up buying it.


FactX3: Some people won it in competitions
FactX4: This can’t be avoided



Why you didn’t accept

What are you talking about? I mean I didn’t pirate Minecraft.

He say that why you didn’t accept that almost everyone pirate Minecraft

Even IF, everyone on the planet pirated minecraft, it still doesn’t make it right.
I don’t think pirating is a simple issue, as there are many reasons people pirate games. Perhaps to try it out first, avoid DRM, not buy the same game twice or actually just not wanting to pay for the game (no no zone). But you can’t explain it with “But others did it!”.


But others I did it!
Sorry bros

I recall reading somewhere that Jeb (I think) didn’t care much that people pirate Minecraft because they will mostly end up buying it. I can say, that’s quite true.


That’s true not only for Minecraft. I remember someone posted earnings from a game with and without protection. Not so much difference. On the other hand, protection can make game work slow while pirated version works twice faster (I don’t remember what was the game but I remember we laughed so much when we found it).


I said pirating is very bad ,don’t allow everyone to do this

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Yeah, that’s how bad implementations of Denuvo work, and it’s why people is against it. You’re just punishing your legal customers by having that piece of crap on it.

Or, how Sonic Mania went from 250MB to 35MB without the stupid Denuvo protection.


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