I'm not quite sure if intended or not (or been reported earlier) but

1- I can’t post image for that
2- you know the wave where chicks and chickens go down slowly and up again, right? Well, I have found a really STRANGE bug.
If you go closer to a grenade bomb (which does a yellow flash meaning dodged) you DIE!!!
I had this bug happened to me once…
If it happens again then please reproduce it and fix it!!! :frowning:

why not

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Seems fair to me.

  1. Military Big Chicken’s grenade?
  2. The grenade doesn’t hit my spacecraft but it still explodes :thinking: ???

Which chicken dropped the grenade?What is the wave name?

Special Forces/Brothers Reunited Military Chicken Boss

I guess.

Yeah (if you are talking about special forces, no), and the wave name is three stroke engine.

because it was quick, so sorry…

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Another thing: I played the early access version of universe, so i should be gifted freely a full version of universe.

First need be completed

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What? That’s not how it works this time. You can either buy the full version or not buy it at all and keep playing free version.

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That usually never happens with iA’s betas anyway.


Glad to hear that.

Did it again and got HIT AGAIN this time. please fix it!!!
this time on chicken rings!!! (bubbled version) (despite the sound and the egg being killed).
Because of that, i now have 32 firepower and 6 live (7)… T_T

This is not how the game works then!
What should happen
When an egg drops and you get closer, it gets killed and when you hear a sound and get closer, you should stay on top of it.
What always happen
When the egg is killed and you get closer to it, you die.
Hope what i said explains what i meant.

Are you talking about these?


In that case, they’re functioning as intended. They break when you get close and the splattered egg they leave behind remains dangerous until it disappears.


yes, this is the egg. i think they should not break at all.

So basically remove them? I disagree. They’re really not that hard to avoid, anyways.


They are easy to avoid, but i was a newbie.