I'm not interested CIU

hey guys I have to say this this game ciu is not interested to me
I’m not interested CIU because idk.
Can someone teach me to interest ciu?

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Well, it’s your choice, we can’t teach you how to like a game you currently don’t like


I second what Francis said. It’s up to you whether you like a game or not, and if you don’t like it - that’s perfectly fine. Tastes are tastes.

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I do not know what game is this

It’s a Chicken Shooting Game based on Space Invaders

Cool. So what are you doing on this forum? We’re right now testing it thoroughly so currently CIU is the main focus here.

So, you’re not interested because you don’t know why? Then how can we help you? IDK, you can maybe wait for CIU to release and maybe if in the future IA decides to return to CI6 this forum can be used for that, but right now it’s really about CIU.


Play the game by yourself and experience. Seriously you haven’t seen the worst and the best


Duh, experience it yourself. No one in this universe can teach you how to like a game that you don’t like.

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listen nobody will force you to like this game and if you are interested then its fine everybody has things they like.

play the game yourself.maybe you will find something that will make you get interested to keep playing.

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