I'm mildly annoyed by dare rejections and would like to suggest a feature

I’m mildly annoyed my dares being rejected and would like to suggest a feature. Instead daring someone then sweating the whole level to get a good score, only to get it rejected tomorrow is frustrating. instead the dare can be accepted first, then the missions can play out after that.

favoriting the dare missions can be a thing too
unrelated but max favorited mission slot seems a bit too small for the nonlicensed login


so that from of those player like rejected feeling coward or noobs this current max difficulty in dare league.

let me guess change in fly mission victory/surrender 3 or 5 times (was 1) on when after the decline closes still add 1 decline in league (updated from next).

The first idea has been already suggested, and iA said that it’s too much work right now to… well, rework the league system to be like this. So, we won’t be seeing this change anytime soon.

I’m pretty sure that the second one won’t happen.

i doubt its too much work, sounds like bunch of excuses

You do realize IA is the only person working on CIU, right? Give him a break, please.

CIU isn’t the only thing in his life, you know. Plus it’s not like the IA company has 10+ members developing the game.

It’s not a ‘‘bunch of excuses’’.

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so you imply ia is a single person, even so my point considered that

If by ‘‘single person’’ you mean he works solo, then yes.

i most likely meant whatever “single person” mean, so it still sounds like a bunch of excuses to me.
and to say “it is not a ‘bunch of excuses’” that confidently it must take a solid proof i recall.

Sounds like your a greedy or an ego

maybe your weird perspective has made you see things very very differently, far from the actual thing. ad hominem. anyway this is off topic


The only solution to avoid those annoying dares is to leave the league, for now.

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man you can try to not fly the dare it ll automaticlly go after some days

But you gonna lose the dare bruh

I was losing dare points so I leaved league for while idk when I will join .
Btw no need for this Idea I guess. Because accepting dare process might took long time.
Secondly there is already cancel dare button so cancel dare or you can also leave the league for while so that no one can dare you.

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I was 300th in league in my old account

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