I'm going to get to the other side of the universe

Today marks the day where I, Habibi will start my voyage to the top left side of the universe. I am not sure if others have done it but I do doubt it personally. Though Since I am now publicly announcing this I want to challenge all other players that are playing the game to a race to see who’s the quickest in the universe…


Welcome to the forums!
I actually explored the whole galaxy, but good luck


Jeez, that’s actually kinda scary. But very impressive!


In space race well, Not everyone is going to be in the first place and they sometimes have to catch up etc
Edit: This applies to weekly and daily missions aswell

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They’re talking about racing for 100% galaxy exploration.


Hey there fellow recruit, welcome to the UHF (Forums)! There have been quite some masochist recruits who have managed to do 100% exploration at the cost of their sanity, but fortunately, they’re very rare. It’s a good challenge, so I recommend you try it out. :smile:

PS: Here, have this welcome cake :cake:


Now that I am on the other side of the universe I realize I was completely wrong


Yeah, usually there’s nothing interesting in the corners(aside from key rushes and wormholes)

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