I'm Banned Please Help

i’m banned while Playing
My Caasign : Mark23
Please help its one of my favourite games
i didn’t do anything
while playing i disconnected
and said Banned until 26-4-2024

please help

The logs show clear signs of memory tampering. Just wait out your ban period.


i did nothing . im just playing the game with steam client
there is something wrong
i don’t know what happened
please unban me its long time
thanks for your time

You’re not being banned for nothing.

‘‘Memory tampering’’?

Sounds like CE mechanic again. Or GG. :thinking:

Sheesh, cheat. I’m having an extremely contemptuous look at it.

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This must be your second ban period since this last 6 months. Interesting…

Messing with memory values using CheatEngine (Or any other tool that can do so).

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Why is this topic tagged as CIU Development :v

The only thing is waiting then, go play other games or doing something.
Fact : Me too, I’m now in prison and waiting until December to come out, but I am not worried, I just enjoy doing other things I love in my life and forget it.
*CIU isn’t your only interest, go figure something more, or even in your real life, you can feel happy more with those.
@dafenshy I hope you understand.

You’re in prison? Then how can you send us replies?

Ingame account get banned. And don’t ask me the reason, just note it.

Oh ok, my bad. It’s just that you made it seem too serious by saying ‘‘you’re in prison’’.

Lol, no problem.
Anyways, although getting banned, i am still quite happy with it.
Have a nice day, Star.

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