Ideas to CIU

Sorry, my English is very bad. My idea is to create a new type of chicken. This type of chicken limits the damage it receives, all attacks on it if it deals more than 200 damage, it only causes 200 damage on it and the attacks with damage less than 200 will remain the same (limit the damage to it depending on the difficulty).


What else would it do other than being a damage sponge?


sounds like some RPG enemy that have the ability to only receive damage below *insert a random integer value*

I think this type of chicken will make players use fast-paced weapons (fast-paced weapons is weak and low accuracy, so rarely do players use them so this chicken can be the solution for that) because the high damage weapons have a slow rate of fire and are reduced to harm, eliminating the chickens becomes difficult.

It would not help much anyway, it’s just one enemy type.

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But it can also create weaknesses for current used weapons such as poker utensil or neutron gun

They already have weaknesses and strengths.

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Post-buff Vulcan Chaingun would like to have a word with you.

Also no. Just no.
Barriers in Ultimate Omelette had a max limit of 500 damage and it made having an aneurysm be more enjoyable than using the Plasma Rifle.