Ideas / tips for hard points for better-looking spaceship and post your spaceship's hardpoints!

I created this topic , here we will discuss about hardpoints for spaceship that we use to make ship beautiful . (we are talking about hard points customization). AND , you can also post your spaceship hardpoints.


RGB pixie dustz , who liked this ? you can see possible colors , like red , blue , green , yello , white , pink , magenta , ETC .I think that you can also see infrared and ultraviolet ?

could’ve at least posted what the settings were

settings : first buy 3 pixie dust then customize 1 dust to RED , 2nd dust to BLUE and 3rd dust to GREEN .

also set color like this to each dust :

and change settings to this:


make sure to apply these settings to all pixie dusts .
who liked this ?

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