Ideas for the next update: Bubble chickens rework

I think in stages like “Bubble bath” the chickens in the bubbles should be immune to missiles
(or atleast for difficulties above 100%)

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It’s intended, because missiles can pierce through bubbles


“(or atleast for difficulties above 100%)”

It’s okay, but does it effect other special weapons and Absolver Beam?

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That’s an interesting idea, but maybe such bubbles should have a different texture. @InterAction_studios what do you think?

Then special weapon isn’t special anymore

What makes a special weapon special in your opinion?

Because it’s very limited, (I know that you can buy and bring as many as you want, but it’s still limited, and you need to buy it) it should be able to save you from urgent situations… And making something fully immune to it, kinda remove that sense to me.

Well, some barriers and bosses already don’t get insta-destroyed when you use special weapons.

You forget mini-bosses

I said “fully immune”, at least what you include are still taking damage.

Bubbles are implemented as a small enemy (chicken) and a separate larger enemy (bubble) placed exactly on top of it. The bubble’s larger hitbox protects the chicken’s smaller hitbox from damage. The chicken has no idea the bubble even exists.

This setup creates a very specific set of bubble mechanics.

That’s why missiles can kill enemies “inside” bubbles (because they don’t care what is hidden and what isn’t – they just damage everything regardless), and why Positron can reach inside bubble (it hits the bubble first, but then is free to jump inside).

It also means that it’s hard to create special exceptions to these rules – sorry.


This alſo means that one can enter a bubble during a period of immunity and kill the chicken within, doeſn’t it?


For other weapons, no, only missiles

Its alright, thanks for the clariffication

I had to verify this experimentally, but – yes, it does.


This never occurred to me, but it’s genius.

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