Ideas for multiplayer and spacecraft customization

So I been noticing that whenever you don’t use or equip a texture(or anything that you don’t use), you can still change the paintjob for that texture even your not using it and you can accidently waste your keys on it, so I thought it would be nice if that button is disabled to prevent wasting keys.

And for multiplayer, I thought it would be nice if you can actually invite anyone you know (contacts, squadron members, etc.) so you don’t have to wait for someone to join your room.

There’s a trash can to reset something back if you have accidentally changed it. Also, to apply the changes you have to confirm action by pressing the button twice. I doubt you can do that accidentally.


Yeah I know but I thought it would be much better if the button was disabled.

So force them to join your mission right?
That sounds weird


I mean like they have an option if they accept it or not ;w;

Actually nvm you still have to wait like you send an invitation to them if they accept or not.

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