Ideas for Level 20 Positron Stream

What if the Level 20 edition is that shoot twin stream in a helix formation. Each stream is either 50% or 60% damage output and the chain is halved from its single stream. Its appearances that think is either two options: One. Its moves in a spinning position, Two. It doesn’t spin, but it act like how the single positron stream goes.

Anyways, I hope you like my idea.


The bomber already has dual beams.

Try it out when you can, but avoid using the BX-9. BX-7 and BX-8 are recommended.

What’s the rational behind this?

If it’s just hitbox, then I’m not interested. :stuck_out_tongue:


Every bigger BX move slower than the other. But deal more dmg as far as I remember.

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The later BXs have larger hitbox and slower speed, but this is compensated with higher FP Caps and more satellite slots.

(BX-8’s Max power is 28, where both pylons get 10-10 FP. At 18, it’s 9-9)
(BX-9’s Max Power is 20, where both pylons get 10-10 FP as well, just faster.)


It’s because they have the best balance between speed, hitbox size and extra firepower, if you’re looking for the best balance out of the bombers as of V50, I recommend getting the BX-7 as it’s got a front facing satellite slot which when equipped with a barbequer, makes for a great shield. The BX-8 is less viable IMO because it doesn’t have that front facing satellite slot and it’s slower and it’s got a bigger hitbox. Thankfully though, the BX-8 gets just as powerful with its primary weapons as the BX-9 once you get to :zap: 28.

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