Ideas for chicken invaders universe

1)to add Russian as a language so they play more users.
2)purchases in the app
3)create new updates so that users not get bored

  1. If people volunteer to do it.
  2. Why?
  3. It’s already planned…
  1. so many games today have purchases in the app why not do it?

Just because many apps do it doesn’t mean that it’s a good thing.


There is an upfront fee already… if the game was free to play, then okay, but otherwise I hate paid games that have microtransactions. Also what would they sell? Keys? Just so you can Skip through the grind? I’m not about that life fam

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Unless something changed since then, then yes, they would sell keys.

Oh. Another thing I forgot about from the update plans. Goshdarnit. I guess you just can’t avoid it nowadays. As long as I won’t need to play 1 month to get one good weapon (Especially since rarities will be a thing), I’ll stay neutral towards it. Atleast it’s a common and earnable currency, as opposed to something along the lines of “Gems”, as a currency extremaly rare earnable through 1 time achievements or only through the store. Anyway, I just got hit with the sads.