Ideas for chicken invaders Universe if you want to apply in the next update

Hello to who is reading this.
As we , veterans or newbie players , i have an idea, its related to the fuel.
The fuel is used to travel bewteen constellations or star system.
When the fuel is out , you can only travel in planets in that star system.
As veterans, we spend hours to get keys for something we need. Sometimes that need is fuel.
In the start for newbies they get like 1k or 2k , i dont really know. So i decieded that this was an idea.
The fuel of 1.000 units to be a litlle cheaper.
Another idea:
its related to…The fork utensill weapon!
That fork thingy is super rare in chicken invaders universe. And even rarer in chicken invaders 3. The only way to get it common is by buying it from shops , or the intergalacic shop. Pepole wonder how to get the fork untensill more common by not any mos or by buying it.
We can make it a bit common in boss rushes.
thats all the ideas i have.
A good moring/afternoon/evening/night to all of you.

when a player starts a game he get 36 keys, also it is unacceptable


Utensil Poker isn’t that strong compared to certain other weapons in this game


Me: Fork succ

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