Idea: Skills affect keys in Supernova & Co

Right now, there is no key incentive to pick a skill in boss rushes, comet chases, Supernova missions retro, (though I’m not sure about the last one). So I suggest the following changes.
Seasoned: 1 extra key every 4 waves
Veteran: 1 extra key every 3 waves
Virtuoso: 1 extra key every 2 waves
Ssh: 2 keys per wave.
Seasoned won’t have a boss bonus and the other skills will give 1 extra key more than the previous one.
Tourist won’t suffer penalties.

Boss rushes are technically affected by skills. The keys you get in them depend on current mission difficulty,and difficulty is affected by the skill you picked.


I’ve never noticed a change.

Orandza is right, you do get more keys when playing boss rushes in higher difficulties. If only it was like that for other mission types, excluding regular missions and darkness missions.

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Darkness missions are the most painful imao

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