Idea: seasonal limited events

So I was thinking if there was limited events in the game, like adding a special wave type or special places to orbit so you can get secret limited items like new secret exhaust for spaceship or special type of color

Season limited event like: EGG HUNT, CANDY HUNT for Halloween, something like this, so what do you think?

  • Great idea will bring more fun
  • I don’t think we need limited events
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I am pretty sure iA wants to keep the CIU file size as small as possible and adding support for these small events and secret items will inflate the game file size and will build up a lot over time if there are a lot of events, and that iA will have to push updates more regularly, which isn’t good for the standalone and probably iOS users as game updates have to go through Apple’s checks. as cool as this idea may be I think it is better if we make the items accessible for everyone regardless of how long they have been playing the game for.

I mean like they can access to this item every Halloween, every egg hunt, the idea that these seasonal limited events take a part in the game every year

then that wont even be interesting as the rewards are the same every year.

Better than nothing :man_shrugging:

But they can make it that gameplay in these type of events is the best thing not only the rewards

For a short idea they add halloween event levels with the symbol of a pumpkin and they make these type of waves so hard like Ironman and 120 waves not 50

And who wins 120 waves of that event gets a free seasonal exhaust of spaceship or special colour or respawning shield looks like pumpkin for Halloween or 25k keys reward

Also the events could be simple like adding key rush for example adding 2x double keys for every mission for limited time or 30% off on the shop items for limited time

What I mean that they can make it fun not only the rewards are the important things

I think that it will be cool to add competetions for events like Halloween and Christmas for 1-3 days just like the galactic cup and iron man it is limited and the player has to wait a whole year to play it again.
as for the rewards they should be great and a special customization item is ok if it looks cool (keys are obviously rewarded too)
So good idea :+1:

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