Idea of new BOSS

I just came up with a new boss idea…
its a highly intelligent chicken with a big brain
it can shoot alot of eggs at your direction at the same time.
it can defend itself from any weapon when getting hit.
it can release a beam if you get too close to it
it can also bring in some terminator chickens for defence.
you can hit it when he is focusing on a attack.

its just an idea i came up with and found it cool to get a smart chicken in the game.
if you need a model tell me by replying

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Hi bro, good ideas have a good design, if you can design it, you have more chance :+1:

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I am currently looking for an app to make it as good as possible any recommendations?
BTW glad you like it

well not bad good idea something like thundercluck when you dont arrive to 50% you can only attack his guitar but as well if you draw it it will be better

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i have also had an invulnerable smart chick idea years ago, but i just gave up on its design so props to you i guess


we have a smart chicken already which is Dr.Beaker

Dr Beaker is another type of thing he is a scientist.
I thought about beaker before creating this topic.
i had alot of abilities for this chicken but had to redesign them because I found them too similar to him.


I say that: super boss, this one will have the shape of all the bosses and the power of all the bosses jjjjjjjj the boss is going to be very difficult

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COOL, I was thinking something like that

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Targets beam and eggs?, then what is the use of UFO boss? And big brain chicken will be look like dr beaker, so you mixed between dr beaker and unidentified UFO boss nothing new🫤

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im pretty sure the egg attack on this one is more similar to the cold in space chicken, not uco
beam is only self defense, not direct attack like uco.

no, the chicken is only big brained like zomboss from pvz and he doesnt attack using potions. it deflects weapons, not just having a small hitbox.

tell me if the egg cannon or henterprise doesn’t have all of these attacks. by your logic they’re nothing new.


Unidentified UFO boss shoots green beam, eggs and red laser so it’s a better example than “cold in space chicken” also “cold in space chicken” spreads eggs randomly around its area so it’s a far example

The idea of the “big brain chicken” is not so unique idea to be added as I mentioned before it is similar to many bosses attack and look

Look to the IA last new boss, burgermeister 3000, it is so unique than any other CIU boss in its attack, look and appearance

To make really an good boss that even may IA add it to CIU should has to be unique in attacking, appearing and has unique different look

Overall, look well on the game bosses and see how many bosses has the same attack idea of “big brain chicken”

Also I’m not disagreeing with the Boss idea I just see it not the best idea that IA would add it to the game


good points but look most of chicken bosses have a similar egg attack to each other like super chicken show em whose boss, it gets cold in space etc, I tried my best to make it unique

secondly,the burgermeiser is a machine type boss it has no abilities of other bosses (the chicken throwing ability is kinda similar to iron chef) but still as @trueuser said bosses don’t have to be completely different.

take the example of the egg canon and egg cannon cannon cannonade they have the same type of attacks but the cannonade just changes the attacks in a different type of order and that is the type of thing I am trying to imagine.

In conclusion, I also don’t disagree with you even if IA added it, it could not be the type of boss with alot of attacks.but at least it will increase the variety of bosses in the game


Here you have the model, it is ugly but someone give me the model for Christmas or Halloween


Well it is a mix of: 1-feather brains torso

2-second version space crab arms

3-black Vader head

4-Unfortunate UCO boss arms

5- generade, knives and cap of that military chicken (forgot its name)

6-chemical substance of dr beaker

7-“it’s a bird no it’s a plane boss” right leg

8-helmet of that rocky chicken (forgot its name)

9-that chicken that plays with guitar and rock music(forgot its name) left leg

10-egg shell of the mother henship another torso

You didn’t make “big brain chicken” you made “The cocktail chicken” :joy:


Magnetic Manipulator



thats not the point
It is related to what he said earlier
scroll above to see
its the “super boss” he was saying

Darth Skembesion will love this. For real.

I have a new idea of a squawk block boss, it will be a boss which will be smaller and wearing a shirt which there will be a car on it so the shirt is for kids, and it will be wearing a jr cap too XD and throw candies it name will be (Jr. Squawker) when he throws candies the speed and amount will be based on difficulty, and he will throw cutton candy which will be sticky and slow you down, same like the potion from dr. beaker but more slower. the boss will die and drop candy skin food units and an atom or gift, thats my idea of a new boss.