[Idea]New HUD

A HUD that can trace the path of an object moving in the next 0.5 (lvl1)/1(lvl 2)/2(lvl 3)/ 3.5(lvl 4) seconds(sry bad English)

  • Like this:

    It’ll be the same color as the HUD
    The line is the path it’s going, the circle is where it stops.
  • Price
    It’ll be 672 keys (tell me if it’s too much or too cheap for an op HUD)
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I’m pretty ſure that uſed to be a cheat. Given that CIU is not ſuppoſed to have cheats, I don’t think it ſhould be added.


I easily agree with you, just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean that maintains balance in the game. A pretty bad idea overall.

Imagine how many lines would spam your vision during a normal wave with a lot of eggs… no thanks.


Actuälly I’m pretty ſure I’m wrong. The cheat ſhowed the paths of the chickens. Regardleſs, I don’t think it ſhould be added.

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A similar feature was included in the debug mode.


600-700 really seems to be the golden number for overpowered hardpoints lately.

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oh wow nice idk

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