[Idea] New boss: Magic Flute redesign (to be named)

Type: Kind of either final or penultimate boss (I’m thinking Coop or Planetary Egg City)
Appearance: Some airship, hot-air-balloon or whatever (I’m bad at drawing/stock=stealing so just imagine). Has 4-8 holes depending on the difficulty. (I’m not a difficulty man, might be over/underestimating people’s skills)
Attacks: 1. Just like The Magic Flute wave - deploying increasingly tough enemies each time from one hole only, at greater difficulties it spawns things like Chickenauts even (maybe add a multiple hole spawning attack from Veteran onwards?)
2. Blasts lasers from all holes in a repetitive manner (or maybe after hitting a certain amount of damage)
Health: no idea tbh, I mean Coop has 300k and Henterprise 1mil. Umm, 600k? Maybe.
What do you think?


It ſeems like the attacks aren’t quite varied enough for an advanced boss, but I like the concept. Maybe the holes could alſo ſpawn terminator chickens at ſome ſtage?

Chickens spawned from Eggs are quite terminative already, but sure, why not.

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