Idea Mysterious Ship

What if IA Adds Difficulty Mysterious Ship By Rotating Its Laser Circle

I don’t really understand what are you saying here please explain more

The Mystery Ship Difficulty Increases By Spinning the Laser Circle

He can’t upload a video to explain it, wait a little more. (My friend was informed about that issue)

I don’t really need a video i need him to type about it more so i could understand

Ok, to be simple, when shooting the lasers, right after releasing, the lasers will rotate a little degrees (Nearly 20-30 degrees) and stop.

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What is the mysterious ship difficulty is ???

You mean when it is overheating or what

How can a boss be overheated ?

I thought you meant us oh that makes alot sense

like this ?


So he is saying that when difficulty is high the boss wi get his lazer rotated like in crab boss when he rotates it right ?

Mysterious ship can rotating laser

That would be op man

It is already hard

Game difficulty will be increased

My “mysterious simulator” already has something like that.

But the question is, would you really want that in CIU?


Or a better example: Henperor’s Apprentice. The only diffenrence is that Henperor’s Apprentice leave you a caution before shooting

Mysterious ship is rotating laser so much

Maybe, OWL (Youknowwhoisit)

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bruh, are you kidding me Lord