Idea: Monthly Super Challenge

We’ve got Daily challenges of all kinds, the weekly challenge, and plenty of other long bonus missions like the Anniversary Mode Mission, CI5U/CI4U…

But what about a Monthly Super Mission that goes beyond 100 waves? I know there have been similar ideas in the past, but I genuinely think this sort of thing could work well.

i don’t get it this is endless waves on Monthly Super Mission.

for example depends from on difficulty:

Default is Rookie
1 - 100
100 - 150
151 - 300
301 - 600
SuperStar Hero
601 - Above

Notice: Then Above is very aggression on enemy projectile like from ironman.

i could from when out of lives lost but waves in reset back in 1 wave.

i don’t get it this is not endless waves on monthy super mission

Actually, my idea before mostly like your

This is looking like a my M.O.S.S challenge

it will be even harder than ironman comptition then so no but with some changes i think it is a good idea like make it not 100 waves it will be just too much but make it tall like 50 waves or a bit more but 100 waves is just too much and it should be hard but not as hard as ironman competition because yk how hard it is idk if there is any other change that will make it good tbh

if that happened it will be even worse because something that tall is just boring and i see ppl not playing it because of that

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