Idea: mission cordinates


Sincerally i don’t know how the game manage the favorite missions,
but i think that it memorizes a code that allows it to recreate the waves easilly. (Like Minecraft seeds)
I think that the addition of control that code would be useful for both players, sharing their favorite levels with others, and developers (example: “there is a problem on the mission cordinates: gigggu567m”)

It Minecraft can handle this system (if it’s compatible with universe) why not adding it?

I hope I made myself understand, not being a native English speaker I had trouble writing this post. I apologize for any errors. Thanks for the attention


What’s Minecraft screenshot mean ?


In Minecraft there is a feature called “seed” that allow you to control the world generator.
Typing a seed the game will create a specific world

The screen was only to show my inspiration for the concept and to help me explain it better


So your Idea is to have a mission generator?


The idea is to have the ability to share our favorite mission to other players easily.


I thought it was because there is the option “Show coordinates” at the bottom right.


I noticed the mistake, the picture wasn’t so clear