Idea: loading screen , chat and hero quotes

I have idea for you guys:
Loading screen
In this idea when you logging in the screen will use background similar to thisdownload
It also have hint too!
In this idea when you chat with other people the word you say will pop up on your ship.
World chat:(White word)
Group chat:(Red word) Only in group people will see your chat
In game chat:(Yellow word) Only in game people will see your chat
Whisper:(Blue word) Only the person you whisper will see your chat
Hero quotes
In this Idea. Why dont we use the hero quotes like the old game we play like Chicken Invader 5.
Like example
The Hero: Get over here!( fighting Henterprise)
Umm…cake!( fighting Party Chicken)


First, chat will probably be added and was suggested many times.
Second, why add a loading screen if the game loads so quick? Making tips would probably fit more in something like the Hero Academy encyclopedia or something, here you could only see them if you have bad internet.

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Parallax background in menu would be good though. Also, mobile users could use gyroscope to make background move.

There could be lots of fun tips, like “Faſter intedrnet will improve game loading time.” and “This is a teſt of a) how quickly you can read and b) how faſt your internet is. Once upon a time…[This goes on to tell ſome elaborate fairy tale or ſomething]”.

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yeah i like that

Cause in War Thunder they added cause they loading for player join the game, also they need tips too like your idea so player can know what they gonna do if they were new player.

That only happens on when you open the game, levels also load very fast.

It will be like this though (should be moved to log-in load screen):

pls no pusab police

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I’m pretty sure that’s the proper Pusab tho?


easy as chicken pie !

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