Idea: improvements to missions tab

@InterAction_studios, I have some ideas to improve the missions tab.

My first idea is adding sort options to the “To-do” list and “Assignments” section. furthermore, in the “Assignments” section, you can place the “sort by squadron name (or giver)” by default.

And my second and last idea has to do with the “To-do” section. whenever I fail a mission, it disappears from that list and i can only see it in “Recent” tab.
leave failed missions in this section. there is a delete button there (the trash can), so that will be sufficient in removing them. [that and the action of completing them].


To-do already has sorting options. I added sorting options to assignments – although, “sort by squadron name" is not possible.

Added to v.37 :medal_sports: Idea

Fixed in v.37 :medal_sports: Bug


whoops. I was meant to say that the sorting options are missing from the “Recent” tab. Blimey

(i must have really spaced out while writing this [provided I looked at the “missions tab”] :Д)

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once i think about it again, “recent” might not need sorting by design.

well, topic closed, i guess.

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