Idea for solving the Absolver Beam problem

You know one solution for the Absolver Beam problem? Make it unmountable on the current ships.Instead,make my idea is to make completely new ship class(es) that can mount Absolver Beam,and a few other off the 13 weapons,and some new weapons.Basically,each class of ships would have a unique roster of weapons that can be equipped and used.The H&C,Müller,and BX ships could use the original 13,get maybe two or three nee weapons,while other classes of ships(each of which will be suited for different will have some of the old weapons and some new weapons.

The TL;DR of it is this: remove the Absolver Beam from H&C,Müller and BX ships,and put it for other ships that would be able to handle it better,and that new ships added dint need to be compaitable with all the weapons in the game.Having some weapons available for some ships and not available for others can be interesting.

What do you think?

Maybe I missed a memo, but… What exactly is the problem you speak of?
The only things I can think of is that it’s AoE-based (and therefore more difficult to balance) and that it has too many power levels (making it not directly comparable to other weapons and potentially problematic with bombers).

Again, what do you mean by this?

And also limiting. Besides, we already have enough issues as is, with balancing weapons for basic fighter spacecraft. Having to balance different weapons across different types of ships is only going to make it worse.


I don’t know what you’re talking about

Just because you can’t mount the weapon, it doesn’t mean you can’t collect the gift

This is very inconvenient because currently the prices of spaceships renders from 800 to 3,500 keys which is expensive


I was under the impression, like a few others it seems, that the last update already solved the Absolver Beam “problem”.

I feel like it’s decently balanced at the moment and I have been using it regularly. Any stronger and it would be too powerful, any weaker and it definitely wouldn’t be viable for certain waves. Seems fine to me, at least next to a bunch of the other waaaay less balanced weapons


Version 37 has done a lot to make the absolver beam more viable in missions but having said that, there still is room for improvement. It still sucks at intercepting fast chickens and with bosses.

I would make the absolver beam slow down enemies when they’re hit, the more they’re hit by the absolver beam, the slower they’ll get. This idea was inspired by @IceIris in her new weapon suggestion. This way, the absolver beam will be more effective in countering fast moving enemies.

I would also suggest giving the weapon more charge levels (not power levels aka this :zap: ) so that players are less frustrated when they get a lower power beam.

Lemme know what you think of my idea.
May the Forks be with you!

It’s already very viable for boss fights.

More power levels? So above 20fp? That just messes things up even more in balancing.


I’ll just be straightforward here, I think Absolver Beam is good as it is right now.


The “problem” was that it didn’t “fit” with the other weapons, do you take my meaning?

You’ve got these weapons that all deal constant damage at a certain firepower regardless of overheat, etc.

And then there’s Absolver Beam,which needs to be “charged”,you know?

I’m saying, make a new ship class that works with those mechanics with Absolver Beam,a few of the legacy weapons,and some new ones.

Dude,you know code can be altered so that it doesnt spawn?

You know,when you have a weapon with a whole new mechanic,you might want to make people work for it.But yes,spacecraft are expensive.

I didn’t mean already existing weapons.I meant the new ones.I mean,it would be simpler,because every time a ship is released, it doesn’t have to come with all the weapons.

That’s the problem that I was talking about.Introduce a new ship class that supports AoE based weapons only,that comes with reworked AoE versions of a few legacy weapons,and some new ones,and it fits cleanly with that ship,don’t you think?

It’s perfectly balanced.My problem is that it doesn’t fit with the rest of the weapons in the roster,and so,move ot to a category of its own.

I still have no idea how you want to achieve that. How would that new ship type differ from the normal fighters, so that the weapon “fits cleanly” with it, but not the normal fighters? What does “fit cleanly” even mean?

That makes absolutely no sense. It is way simpler to just add a weapon without first adding a whole new type of spacecraft just because a weapon doesn’t fulfil an arbitrary requirement for it to “fit”.

Just because it has a different firing mode doesn’t mean that it “doesn’t fit”.

Frankly, I see absolutely no reason why this should be a thing.

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It’s different enough to warrant its own category.

I mean,by now there is an established logic to the weapons.You fire,and damage is dealt.It doesn’t change.Now with the Absolver Beam,well,its different.

But then,why not?I’m not saying,that not fitting in is a bad thing,and that’s why I want a separate ship series for it.I’m saying,look,it’s different,we can make a new ship series out of it.It’s more interesting to have it as a separate mechanic exclusive to a ship that you might want to save keys for,etc.

For testing purposes,the fighter is fine,but well,it was just a thought.

I guess that’s fair, but rather than push Absolver to the sidelines I’d rather see more weapons with weird mechanics get added so that it doesn’t feel as odd comparatively.

Not to push it to the sidelines.Put it in a class of its own. And honestly,is new ships such a bad thing?You make it sound like an inconvenience.

I’d like more ships,each with it’s own “weird” mechanic,with those weird weapons,and also some of those original weapons repurposed to fit that ship.But yeah,while yours is simpler,I rather think that the fighters shouldn’t have everything,you know?

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Don’t get me wrong - I’m all for more ships as well. I just don’t think that making certain ships and weapons incompatible with each other is a good idea - they should all be interchangeable.

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Yeah,they should,but then,I feel,if we get a ship that’s completely based off the Absolver Beam mechanics(hypothetically speaking,of course) then you’ve got some weapons that right away are able to work with that concept.Positron Stream,Plasma Rifle,Lightning Fryer,Boring Railgun,Hypergun,and Riddler that can work with the AoE concept if you make some modifications. But there’s some that won’t be able to work with it,at least,not intuitively,like Corn Shotgun,Utensil Poker(in my opinion,Utensil Poker should be kept fighter exclusive),Ion Blaster,and Neutron Gun.Then you have to clip some weapons out.

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