Idea for Lightning Fryer weapon

My idea is that when the weapon overheats its lightnings become weaker and weaker.

Thank you!


Well orange would be cool

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Or maybe yellow?
(Since it act like electricity)


yeah that’s cool too


Sooo, if this will be added, in a wave or boss what has the máx zoom out, this Lighting Fryer will do less damage to the Egg cannon and when his Lighting Fryer will hit a chicken just doing 7- of damage?

Im aganist…


And also make the sound lower pitch.
With the damage half from the original one.

I think red would be good.

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I mean it will become weaker 2.5 sec before overheating(shutting down)

No I mean just lower the tone

it’s really hard to describe it :expressionless:

like vulcan chaingun

I’m so sorry if I didn’t understand it. My mistake. :frowning:

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It’s okay, I’m really bad at speaking English especially describe something :cry:

no, absolute no

Let it be blue in the same way as electric appliances and like Vulcan

I’m against. Why lighting is weaker when its source is hotter, someone explain
with this we can reach 0 damage on 1 :zap:

Well that was actually true but since this is a game anything could be possible. :yum:

And if the damage when over heat is more than the default, everyone will just keep overheating all time. I think

Alright I understand and sorry for being talkative.

Please when suggesting a new mechanic, think about how it would affect the gameplay.


It may be because of technology working worse when overheated. Just like processors in computers. When they overheat they automatically drop in performance to not destroy themselves.

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No, thanks, no.
A weapon which is already outshined by other beams getting weaker for no reason at all? It would cut the damage output by nearly 50%…
The gun overheats as fast as other beams and already deals less damage, because it is 2 or 3 beams.
No. This is a horrible idea.

this idea could be good if it was on a new weapon
the lightning fryer doesn’t need that mechanic

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