Idea for a type of Miniboss

This Miniboss its very similar at chickenaut
But with different desing, more strong and with other type of attack
FACT: The Draw its very bad because I drawed it in a very bad momment, i will explain some wrong thing of the chicken

The lasers are like Shot The Core but dont blue (Nothing in the idea has the color blue)
The left eye its red
The first light of the torso its red
The second light is yellow
And the last light its green

After 75.00 of HUD progress, the amor brokes and hes attack with eggs like big chicken
That was all, do you like this idea?

  • Yes
  • Maybe
  • Not
  • Im not understand

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I will draw it again



  • Chickenaut MK II
  • Chicken Terminator
  • Heavy Chicken/Chick

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very neat unlike my cursed ideas. i would like to see those mini boss

Wait the minute, the apple core lasers are red not blue.
Are you colorblinded?

A Miniboss is like the chickenaut of CI4 in the first chapter?

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Chickenaut is a mini-boss in every wave…
And so is chick gatling gun and the armored chicken(the one in the ship that shoots 3 blue bullets at once)

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it was green in ci4 and went red in universe…

Neither of which are blue.


Hello again, i drawed the picture again because the other its very cursed, also:

There are the New desing of the miniboss


Hes very similar to chickenauts, hes can appear in 90-100 of difficult in a mission
Hes three lasers like “Shot The Core”
Hes has médium velocity
Hes very hard to kill (a lot of health


hes wear a metal jacket
Hes has the pants of chickenaut
The left eye is red because its were him shot
Now, the phase when hes have less health

Its very simple because hes its a regular big chicken without clothing


The armour brokes
Hes now attack with eggs
Hes is very fast
Hes moves in every map

Do you understand?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes and I like this idea
  • Yes but I don’t like it

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Other poll
What type of attack prefer when the armor brokes?

  • Like the Sweater Chicken
  • Like a normal big chicken

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I think what can be better, but its fine

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