Idea: Find my spacecraft!

Sometimes during multiplayer, you don’t clearly see where your spacecraft is, and you really don’t want to darken other players. OR, you just get confused where’s your spacecraft either way.

My idea is, there should be a button you press that will highlight your spacecraft (Only for your side) so you know where you are exactly, and what’s the weapon you’re firing.


I haven’t tried that, but try:

  1. Enabling CTRL to find your cursor in mouse settings (in OLD mouse settings, not win10 ones if you’re on it).
  2. Disabling capture mouse in CIU.
  3. Pressing CTRL in mission.

If it works, then “bruh”.


That’s… actually inspired from that LOL

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Actually, Ig it’ll draw that in the middle of the screen, that’s where your mouse is actually is.

EDIT: Yes it draws that in the middle of the screen, it won’t draw that on your spacecraft.

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You didn’t disable capture mouse, did you?

I think this setting is fair enough. Darken other players and hide their hardpoints.

It’s…not like we play multi in similar spaceships.


Still, I see a lot of people (Including me) get confused, especially when there are more space crafts.

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I didn’t, it’ll just keep capturing the mouse in the middle of the screen.

Hm. Suddenly I realized about those colorblind people. And they might need this.


the reason why i dont play multiplayer:

bruh where am i? oh yea i guess this is me dies


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