Idea: Fake Hero

His appearence is the same, for a few seconds he won’t do anything, then all out of sudden he would start throwing a few fireballs directly at you, and they will be fast. When you damage him, he’ll show wires and stuff, meaning he is actually a fake robot created by the Henpire. If easy difficulty, he’ll shoot 1-2 balls and they won’t be that fast. In hardest difficulty, he’ll shoot 4-5 balls and they will be fast.

U mean eggs, right? Or ion blaster. Fireballs is not something you see in CIU

No? The Fake Hero or Robot uses fireballs. These things the Space Crab v2 throws. This idea is something similar to the Fake H… from Wolfenstein 3D

It’s probably similar in appearance to the ‘fireballs’ that are fired by the Henterprise and the Space Crab 2.0

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well something like this was suggested but way different.

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