Idea, egg crack

I’ve been thinking why not the when the an egg drop it will crack on the other side the ship face on?
Something like this
It only affect on down, left, right, and up. Not diagonall.

If someone has post this idea, link on the reply. Thanks


no pls. This looks ugly

Why do eggs need to crack in space anyway?
There is no floor so they should just pass the screen.


Well, then just remove egg crack on the bottom, or add the egg crack on any edge of the screen.

Of course only a floor that is behind the ship will trigger

That also means disabling bouncing food and coin drops.


I’m fine with that actually. You can just make them fall slower.

Or make food items/coins float like on supernova/eggshell fields.


When the egg cracks at the end of the screen, its showing that we cant die from it and that the egg is gone.


I want to post this idea but you say it!:joy:

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I know that, I mean it feels weird if the egg only crack on bottom edge of screen when the other not (they just pass away)

(when the edge is located behind the ships face)

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What is up with the weird: “if this already exists, link it here”?
Can’t people use the search function and not make a topic if this was suggested already?
I notice only a few certain people do it.

Also what do you want exactly? There is no reason to make them crack on side walls or top walls, as they never fly to that direction 90% of the time and pose no danger for the player on walls. Unlike the torpedo eggs which remain as a deadly mine only on one side.

well some times the suggestion from the past is called differently, only people who have seen it before could memorize the name


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