[Idea] Difficulty perks: Reducing wait time between stuff

I’m thinking about things like: the time between waves, or time between level phases (e.g. the 3 archs in Overarching Chickens). So on Rookie it would be something like 5 seconds of time to wait inbetween these things, but in the highest difficulties not even a half. What do you think?


I’d agree, but you still have to collect the drops after a wave. At that point SSH might be less worth playing again than other difficulties, especially for points on daily challanges.

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Well in the aforementioned scenario, you can just leave a chicken alive and collect all collectibles from the other chickens, THEN kill the last one so the wave goes on.

That could work. Except all the waves that chicken can go off screen and leave you alone in your dispeair of having <100% completed.

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