Idea: Boss fights in Key Rushes should drop more than 1 key

In boss fights between stages while in a Key Rush should drop 2-6 keys (depending on the difficulty and skill level) like in Boss Rushes but it’s in Key Rushes

Dropping 1 key isn’t after a boss fight isn’t worth it is it?

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every wave in a key rush drops one key, though

if it’s a boss where pointless enemies spawn, then you’ll probably be getting way more keys than you’d expect

but there exists normal bosses without such pointless enemies, so yeah i see where you’re coming from

Bosses that don’t have ‘enemy swarms’ could drop a couple more keys sure. Those that do, you’d better work to farm them.

@InterAction_studios Please do add this idea

Tweak: Bosses that don’t have mini-bosses (chickens or other enemies) will drop more than 2 keys

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