Idea about Henterprise Hencounter

i have an idea my idea is when you play Henterprise Hencounter wave it possible see it from all directions :point_up_2: :point_down: :point_left: :point_right: known i don’t talk about End Game and this hand help you to know direction


Maybe the henterprise could appear from only one side in that variation, but that side could be any other one, and not just up. Also, could you post your suggestion in the v54 topic next time? There would be more chances for iA to see them

@Francis how to move my topic or link to v54

There’s a share button at the bottom.

You can’t move this topic, but maybe do it in the future

i searched but i think my idea is not suggested right

How? There’s practically no difference and I would even say that new topic is more visible than another post in EA topic.


@kokokokos i should share it or what

Well, usually iA’s topics are very active and they usually are on the spotlight, but yeah, making a new topic works too. Maybe creating a topic that one usually updates with his suggestions would be better though

what should i do now

I would say too active and you can easily drown in other posts.

Not exactly. There was that one topic that had 3 new waves suggestions so as always I read it very fast and next time I see it it has 12 waves? I only read 3 and I wouldn’t even know about it being updated.

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anyone can reply

Wait for iA’s response

you mean i will not share it right

There’s no need to

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okay man i will wait

Dont you ever listen to such a stupid advice again, or just someone who try to trick you. IA check the ideas, even in v54 topic. But there the mess is bigger and harder to keep a track. Dont be so worried, you dont need to explain every single move that you’ve done here.


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