Idea: A list of explored star systems, and marking them as favorites (with comments)

So here’s another idea; A directory list of all star systems you’ve explored, with the ability to mark them as favorites and/or even put personal comments on them to keep track of said star systems.

This might come in handy if you happen to stumble on interesting or good stuff in some star systems, like, say, ones selling rare items, if you happen to have explored a large portion of the galaxy.

They’d be sorted either alphabetically or chronologically, with favorited star system always staying on top of the list.

One more thing: a search function on the list.


I dont think its needed right now(my opinion)

And also there are filters in universe that show planets(shops) that sells rare items

Well, rare items are changing places after 4 weeks so it’s not the best example.

Still, good idea. However I would rather see it work on constellations and not star systems.


I thoght he means hero academy and somthing like this

Whats rare items

Sorry but whats that?(im newcomer)

Yeah, he meant shops, but as an example for why you would need to make the star system go to your favorites list.

Rare items are missed way to make you travel the entire galaxy in search of the better items. They are little better than normal items available in shops and they have 3 levels of rarity. Also they are more expensive.

In real life it’s a group of stars. In CIU it’s a group of stars connected with lines of the same color.

Thanks!so … Good idea! :smile:

Oh yeah, you can group those star systems into constellations on the list too. Good idea.

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