(IDEA 100% FINISHED) UP TO 12 NEW WAVES! Heavier Metal, Chicken Heroes, Treasury, Chicken Prison, Come to Papa, Playground, Summon By Ritual, Castle of Chicks, Find the Difference, Road to Inside, Chain Reaction and The Heaviest Metal

  1. Heavier Metal: it is the more difficult equivalent of Heavy Metal wave.
  2. Chicken Heroes: this wave is a bit weird, but let me explain what’s going on. Chickens are set in the pattern of Spacecrafts. (I know I didn’t work out :laughing:).
  3. Treasury: I don’t think I need to say what’s going on here. :wink:
  4. Chicken Prison: Here you have to fight your way to prison and then defeat all enemies in prison.
  5. Come to Papa: this wave is on time. The little chick goes to his Papa at the specified time here just 5 seconds. if you kill him before it gets to Papa, the indestructible barriers will disappear and you can kill Papa.

    And if he can get to him, then the whole family appears proud of the chick, then you have to kill them first and then the indestructible barriers will disappear.
  6. Playground: Everyone has fun in the playground. Chickenauts are on a swing, laser connected to the ball barrier. Indestructible barriers are the slide on which the chicken slides, climbs the ladders, rides down, goes down and repeats the pattern. The chicks are playing ball (no ball model found). Who doesn’t like to play?
  7. Summon By Ritual: The chickens perform a dance ritual by turning as shown by the arrows and appear from above. Before the wave you need to quickly fly right or left to be safe and use the anomaly to kill the chickens. That’s not all, because 10 seconds after the wave starts, the portal automatically summons 4 chickenauts. (This wave has nothing to do with demons. :innocent:)
  8. Castle of Chicks: Guards! No one can enter the castle!
  9. Find the Difference: And how, did you find?
  10. Road to Inside: This wave is dangerous, you need to hurry and find your Road to inside, watch out for the Chick Gatling Gun, make good use of anomalies, you can get satellites too, but it’s risky!

This time, instead of red lines, I use indestructible barriers.

  1. Chain Reaction: This wave is easy and very fast, you have to cause a chain reaction, one bomb will explode, they will explode one by one (the bombs must have a larger gap to have a better effect).
  2. The Heaviest Metal: The most monstrous and dangerous wave of all! This is the most powerful version of Heavy Metal! (Chick Gatling Guns fire sequentially from left to right). Zoom in to see the whole lot.

These are all my waves, I hope you received them well, I can consider the idea as finished, share your opinion … but first the bonus!
Choose your favorite waves!

  • Heavier Metal
  • Chicken Heroes
  • Treasury
  • Chicken Prison
  • Come to Papa
  • Playground
  • Summon By Ritual
  • Castle of Chicks
  • Find the Difference
  • Road to Inside
  • Chain Reaction
  • The Heaviest Metal

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All of the waves are nice, especially the 3rd one! but 1 thing, don’t ya think 4 satellite boxes is too much for the 3rd one? (unless if each one of them drops a single satellite, not multiple satellites for every box).


Well the third is my favorite, I hope that @InterAction_studios would at least add this one.

I’d say either make every box drop 1 satellite or, reduce the amount of boxes. just my opinion on the 3rd one.


Yes, I agree. :grinning:


And since it’s a treasury, there must be a lot of boxes. :smile:

Hmm, then I’d say the first option of what i’ve suggested would work. which is “every box should drop only 1 satellite”.


Is it a good idea to increase the frequency of the keys in this wave by 50%?

In my opinion, yes, since it’s a treasury as the name states…

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Then treasury wave must appear so rare, but it worth it.


Hmm… So, let me summarize it on which difficulties these waves will appear on, 1st one:
60%, 2nd one: 70%, 3rd one: 80% (that’s my opinion tho). Also,

Could you include the shape of boomer and scouts there?


The wave name refers to “Hero”, I’m guessing the Authentic Hero, and we, Recruits, are the ones that use the other two spacecraft


If you say so, ok then, i will respect that… while it was just a small improvement, and nothing else, but ok, nvm, i will respect that… :expressionless: But, i will still wait OP’s opinion on my improvement…

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I could change to all Spacecrafts models, but no need, let’s wait for IA reply.
@minasam123, @marksam123 What do you think of the new wave?


Ok, that’s the response i needed. Makes sense. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Actually at the beginning I thought about adding all of them, but it is unnecessary. That’s what @BoggY said, it refers to the real heroes (The Hero and Hen Solo).


Looks good.

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I think it’s good, but, would those barriers will be replaced with stronger ones at higher difficulties or stay like that?

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The one shooter at the prison entrance is always the same, and the others can be changed if you wish.

I’d say yes, to make it harder.

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