Ice VS Fire

Hello! In this topic i want to show you some enemies i made
Chick Fireball Gun

Yes i suck.
Anyway, the Chick Fireball Gun can shoot fireballs from it’s cannons. If you get hit by it you will die. Behind the projectile there will be fire coming out of it, if you touch it you will instantly overheat.
Chick Snowball Gun

The Chick Snowball Gun can shoot snowballs from it’s cannons. If you get hit by it you will be frozen and obscure your vision, there will be snowflakes behind it. If you touch it it will cool your weapons.

  • I like the Chick Fireball Gun.
  • I like the Chick Snowball Gun.
  • I don’t like any of them.
  • The Chick Snowball Gun needs more detail
  • The Chick Fireball Gun needs more detail.
  • I like all of them.

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Honestly the first one makes the game too hard and the second one makes the game too easy.
So sorry it’s a no.

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A wise person said: Dodge faster.

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That’s a not solution to solve something that makes deadend to you.

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@PlasmaX Sorry but why is the poll just checkboxes? It should be just one choice.

I just wanted to.

old mouse: im about end this mans entire carrier


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